Elvis by George 


Hear what people are saying about George Thomas:

ABSOLUTLY THE BEST!!! George Thomas exceded our expectations in every aspect. He was beyond entertainig he was incrediable. Funny, good-looking, engageing, and just like Elvis in every way-voice,moves, and looks! He entertained at our son's bar mitzvah this weekend (5/8/10)to 150+ guests. We are still getting calls and comments on how awesome he was and requests for his phone number. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THE REST! THANK YOU MR. THOMAS FOR TAKING OUR PARTY TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!!!! 

Jackie B

We booked George to do his Elvis impersonation and renew our wedding vows. Not only did he take the time to incorporate personal facts about my husband and I, his performance was beyond extraordinary! He was absolutely fabulous and I can't imagine anyone putting on a better performance than his. Thank you, thank you, thank you George for providing us with such a memorable anniversary! 

Dianna O

can't say enough, his voice sounds so much like Elvis wedding guests thought he was lip singing until he changed some words to include the wedding couples names, as for energy he certainly had plenty of Elvis moves, he was great. I have had nothing but wonderful comments from wedding guests, they were sorry to see his performance end. He was certainly the life of the party and even offered to have pics taken with the guests, The bride and groom are so sorry they didn;t get there picture taken but they were having the daughter father, son and mother dance. I'm sure the photographer got pics as heincluded them in several songs as well as including other guests. 

-Bonnie R

George Thomas (Elvis) was absolutely wonderful! He enchanted young and old alike. He got the audience involved completely and everyone had a great time. He was able to do three sets for us during his time with us, two were "Elvis" and one was "Grease". During the "Grease" set everyone was up on their feet doing the "hand Jive" and dancing with "Danny Zuco" as he danced. It was awesome to see how many of the "older American Legion members" were grooving to the show! We can't wait to have another event so that we can invite him back! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome performer!!! 

Denise C

George is the BEST!!! A wonderful entertainer and a great person! I have seen many, many Elvis impersonators---George is by far The BEST! I would have to say George seems to charm in and include any and all ages with a real finesse! Choose this performer and you WILL NOT be disappointed! Take my word for it, I'm not one to rave unless it is truly earned!

Cristin R


-Max B

George went above and beyond to make this surprise a memorable experience. Everyone totally enjoyed themselves and even the guest of honor joined in the fun. Eventhough he had to travel a significant distance for this performance, he was very accomodating to our needs. I enjoyed working with him in planning this, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to book their next event. Thank you George 

Donna N

George was amazing!!! The life of the party. Way exceeded our expectations! Awsome moves --fantastic voice! As close to Elvis that we have ever seen!!!!!! And Gorgeous to boot! He speaks Greek also. A real plus for a big fat Greek family like ours!!! We highly recommend him. Yasou George! You can come and eat spanakopita anytime!!!!Love Panagiota and kouklamanos.

George Thomas put on a wonderful perfomance. He has the talent and enthusiam to engage the audience no matter what their age. Our party included babies, children, young adults and the elderly, everyone got involved in some way and had a great time. George takes the time to get to know the audience and gave us plenty of time for photos and chit-chat after the show. We would definately consider this Elvis for an encore! 

-Rosemarie F

We all had a wonderful time and George made my Grandaughters 16th Birthday very special. George included all of her friends and family and interacted well with all the guests. We really appreciate Georges professionalism and high energy. Great fun for everyone. Thank you so much George. We highly recommend George to everyone. Irene Boyce 

Irene B

George did an awesome job! Dont be fooled when he shows up with his little boom box,little amp! I sure was! George made my Moms Birthday Party the best Party we have ever had! We've had alot of them! George had the whole Party involved in his show! We got so many GREAT comments on George that night! Also comments on Facebook, emails from friends, family! He serenaded my Mom, made the whole party all about her! I dont really remember the last time I seen her that happy! He has the looks and the moves and definately the presence! He memorized every detail on the memosheet I emailed him like he knew us all forever! You would be a fool not to hire him! THANK YOU GEORGE! 

-Mike V

've hired George twice, most recently for a convention banquet. He totally rocked the place! I am a classically-trained musician, and while I don't pretend to be an Elvis expert, I know a good performance when I hear one. George is a truly outstanding entertainer. Frankly, this highly-compressed video clip doesn't do him justice -- You've got to see him in person!

George just performed for my mom's 80th birthday. He was worth every penny spent. He includes the whole audience in with his performances to make it fun and special for everyone. He is a great performer and stayed beyond the time we scheduled him for. Everyone loved him and my Mom will never forget that special birthday party thanks to George.

George Thomas was the reason our event was a success. I knew this was because of the performance George Thomas gave. He was a sweetheart with all the older ladies and made them feel as if they were teenagers again. He was very generous with his time and very perfessional. He sounds just like Elvis and moves like Elvis. Watching him perform and take his time with each person made me also realize his heart is really in it. I can't say enough about him. Today is my first day back to work since the event on Saturday and already I have lots of emails asking about him. Thank you. 

Christina A

George is the very best Elvis impersonator I've ever seen. He performed at my mother's 70th birthday party. My mother met Elvis when she was 15 years old in Atlanta GA. After George left her party, my mother started to cry. She said George was exactly like Elvis: walked like him, talked like him...and danced & sang just like him! My aunt & uncle from Vegas said he was the best they had ever seen! We were blessed to have George perform..to us, George "Elvis" was a dream-come-true! Thank you!

George Thomas was FANTASTIC!!! He performed at my daughter's bridal shower and I couldn't have asked for anymore from him! He outdid himself and went well beyond my expectations. Elvis was truly alive and well at her shower. He was a class act and included everyone. Thanks again George!

George Thomas is AMAZING! Great voice, dance moves, good-looking & he's funny! He performed at our mom's bday party; mom and guests were expecting a DJ when the music started & were stunned when Elvis emerged! George sang one of her favorite songs Wooden Heart a capella & auf Deutsch! He even hung out w/ our quirky, goofy family & friends after. Mom says it was the best bday celebration of her entire life. His performance even summoned the candle-dancing fool out of my typically shy dad. (George, hope you didn't get wax on your jumpsuit or swank, sparkly jacket.) Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an authentic, FUN, energetic Elvis experience! 

Merlyn V

George officiated at our wedding on Nov. 25, 2006. He was absolutely FANTASTIC as Elvis, and gave our guests the most electrifing and memorable wedding ceremony they'll ever experience! He's an extremely personable and friendly guy, and everybody adored him! His show is very entertaining, with lots of humor and sentiment... he had us all laughing and crying. We're very glad we had such a talented and funny guy perform our wedding ceremony! We HIGHLY recommend George Thomas for your wedding!!

I have only had compliments regarding George's performance. He was excellent. He played to the audience with audience participation, going into the audience, etc. He was such a hit that I expect someone else from our group will hire him for a future event. I don't think I could have found anyone I would have enjoyed more. 

Nyla F

George is also licensed to perform marriages. He officiated at my daughters wedding on Sept 23 2007, and was worth every penny. He is fabulous in person, and gives a great performance, but also has very moving words concerning marriage. He is absolutely great!!!

Thank You George For Your Elvis Performance! You Made Mom's 65th Birthday Party Memeorable. The Harris Family Norwalk, CA 

Lisa H