Elvis by George 

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I was recently brought to Japan by the U.S.O to perform for the U.S. troops stationed near Tokyo. One of the shows took place on a Naval Base next to an aircraft carrier. 

I have performed at the 75th birthday of Former-Russian president Mikael Gorbachev. Recently, performed in front of 10,000 people as an opening act for the rock band "Good Charlotte" in Central America.

I have also co-starred on the N.B.C. hit TV show, "Las Vegas" as well as the A.B.C. hit show "Castle" as an Elvis tribute artist. 

Have performed performed worldwide in such countries as Japan, Philippines, Singapore, China, Hong Kong(3 times), Thailand, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Ecquador, Canada as well as in the U.S. including all over Southern California.

MY STYLE IS VERY FUN, HIGH-ENERGY with an emphasis on audience inter-action to allow those audience members that choose to and enjoy participating, to be a part of the shows' fun! I RESEMBLE ELVIS WHEN HE WAS YOUNG AND IN GREAT SHAPE as I am 6 ft. tall and 175lbs. NO WIGS and a natural look.

 I have all the outfits, White jumpsuit (Eagle/Aloha suit with sequins), Black leather, Gold jacket and the famous "Jailhouse Rock" movie suit. IN ADDITION TO ELVIS, I ALSO DO A JOHN TRAVOLTA TRIBUTE OF BOTH the DISCO '70's "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" & "GREASE"-1950's. I HAVE DONE A DIRTY DANCING SHOW AS "PATRICK SWAYZE" ALSO and twice done a "DEAN MARTIN-RAT PACK" PERFORMANCE.